Duk Gyoo Kim

Department of Economics
University of Mannheim

L 7, 3-5 Room 225
68161 Mannheim, Germany

EMAIL: d.kim@uni-mannheim.de
PHONE: +49 621 181 1797


Please find my CV here.

I am an assistant professor in Economics at the University of Mannheim. I study topics on public economics and political economy, and I conduct lab and field experiments.

Working Papers

Work in progress


  1. Population Uncertainty in Voluntary Contributions of Public Goods, The Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2018, Volume 145, 2018, Pages 218-231
  2. The Second-Tier Trap: Theory and Experimental Evidence, The International Journal of Economic Theory, Forthcoming
  3. Response time in choosing the most or least preferred option, Economics Bulletin Vol. 36 No. 1 pp. 595-600
  4. Why Are the Poor Conservative? (with Paul Moon Sub Choi), The Korean Journal of Economics, 2015, Vol.22(1), pp. 15-24



I teach Public Choice Theory in every fall semester for Bachelors, and Public Economics in every spring semester for Masters.